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Honest -check it out. I thought I had transmission problem-car quit moving and they towed the car to AAMCO in Duluth, Ga. They checked it out and determined a Cv Axle had popped out. Fixed it for less than $200.00!Thanks,Thanks,Thanks!



Incredible Service and Work! This was the best service my husband and I have ever had regarding our cars. From our first contact with them, they demonstrated excellent kindness and customer service - beyond what was expected! They called us all throughout the process and made sure we totally understood the work they were doing and why they thought the work was necessary. My transmission in my BMW shifts gears so smoothly and easily. The car feels like new and the process was painless. Thank you, AAMCO on Pleasant Hill!



Took my car in for repair. Other shops told me I needed a whole transmission. This shop did a diagnostic and fixed the problem for less than $200! They were so friendly, offering me a ride home and picked me up when the job was done. I can't say enough good things about this business. They are trustworthy and I would highly recommend to anyone that needs work done on their car!



Excellent service. I knew I needed my transmission and called around. Most places I called seemed so devious. They evaded my questions and tried to manipulate me. When I called this AAMCO, I got a completely different feeling. They answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. They did the needed work on my car and did it for a very reasonable price! I really felt like I got my money's worth and would not hesitate to go back. In fact, they are my first call anytime I need help with either of my cars. The people there treat me like a friend and I KNOW I am getting honest service!



I was experiencing major transmission slipping on my 2001 Tahoe, I was referred to AAMCO, when I spoke with Ron he was very professional, he patiently listened and offered very detailed information on what could be causing the slippage. Once the truck was in his shop he explained that they would run a diagnostic report on my truck and let me know what they uncover. The transmission was pretty much shot, Ron offered several options of repair, after I chose a repair option he explained what parts would be replaced, what parts would be repaired, the warranty for the work and parts, and future preventive maintenance. I believe this is an honest repair shop, the things they explained to me made sense based on what I knew about my truck, there were no unpleasant surprises - I knew what to expect cost wise and how long it would take to complete the repair, I highly recommend Ron and his staff.



Last month, I had my Honda Accord transmission rebuild at the AAMCO on 2530 Pleasant Hill Rd. After an unpleasant experience at the dealership, this AAMCO shop was recommended to me by my son who had his car serviced there several months ago. It took them longer than expected to complete the job. However, the staff was both professional and courteous. The facility was clean, and the service was outstanding. The prices were moderate, and the warranty was generous. Moreover, after receiving my car, I was given follow-up appointment to check on the job.



One of my great mechanics at Midas referred me to the Aamco on Pleasant Hill road, duluth ga when I was having a code come up on my Cadillac for transmission. It was the best decision I could have made. They were very nice helpful and pleasant. They had my car ready on time and any problems I had they were happy to take care of them for me ASAP!! I would definitely recommend this location to my friends and family!!



I went in to AAMCO with my 2003 Toyota Camry. The Dealership told me that I needed a transmission. After checking it, Ron told me that all I needed was an axle. Thanks Ron you saved me over $3000.00 dollars



Great reliable service. I was very satisfied with transmission replacement. Steve & Ron are very customer friendly and provide great service. Nice to deal with people that are reliable & completely trustworthy.



Recently took my 2003 Chrysler 300m in for service after experiencing my transmission not shifting properly. The team at AAMCO thoroughly explained what was happening with my car. They were very professional, friendly and made me feel very comfortable with the level of expertise they possessed. I'm sure this will not be my last visit with the AAMCO team in Duluth, GA!

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Ron, Tim, and Steve at Aamco Duluth are helpful, friendly, and very patient with any and all questions. I went in shortly before New Years Eve 2011 with my check engine light on. They checked the code for free, explained what was going on in terms I could understand, and got me out of the shop quickly. I've found their prices for services are lower than many competitors in the area. I would highly suggest AAMCO Duluth to anyone who asks where they should take their car for transmission service.



Real Professionals! I took my Ford Taurus there for repairs and they fixed it in a reasonable time. The torque converter went bad a few days later. They fixed it again for free, no questions asked. Courteous professional, fast friendly service.



The service at this autobody center is unreal. From the moment I walked into the door until they completed the repair a month later, the service was great. They took care of my car rental and even cleaned my car. It looked new when I got it back.

Samantha H.


Ron and the guys were great. Very knowledgeable. Diagnosed my problem quickly and had it fixed and running quickly. Car is running great. Great service highly recommend!



Honest and reliable. I took my car to them because there were several issues and my usual place was charging too much. They found several issues (checked for free) and sent me to a specialist that could find the problems and fix them fast. That is service!






Excellent Customer Service in every way! Best experience in customer service! Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, great work, and thorough! Thank you Tim, Ron and Steve! :)



I took my 2003 Toyota camry in to AAMCO in Duluth. The dealership said I needed a new transmission. After checking it, Ron called and told me all I needed was an axle. Thanks Ron you saved me over 3000.00. Wait till I tell my friends



My 2000 Sienna van was making noise and no one could figure it out until I took it to Duluth AAMCO. They had to rebuild the transmission and now it is so quiet it runs like it was new. Good job guys.

XIaomei Mo


I don't go anywhere else except  AAMCO Pleasant Hill road, Duluth for any transmission problem, i rely on them and their excellent customer service, the staff are both professional and courteous. I would recommend if any problem in transmission you just visit AAMCO if you want to save your time and your car. thanks.